How to focus with ADHD in adults

June 13, 2023

What if you can't focus at work adhd?

woman with ADHD focuses through meditation
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People with ADHD tend to struggle in a variety of situations due to their attention deficits. For example, friendships and schoolwork if you're a student, or managing and completing work schedules if you're a professional. Medication and cognitive behavioral therapy are the most effective treatments, but here are five ways you can improve your focus with ADHD.

5 Ways to Focus with ADHD Symptoms

Organize your surroundings
Creating a calm and organized work environment is key for individuals with ADHD who tend to be easily distracted by external stimuli like noise and clutter. Opting for a quiet workspace and keeping your desk organized can significantly improve your ability to concentrate by minimizing audiovisual distractions.
Time management and goal setting
To enhance your ability to focus with ADHD, it's beneficial to establish a well-structured routine and set clear objectives before diving into your study or work sessions. Breaking down your tasks into manageable chunks allows you to concentrate on one task at a time, facilitating better outcomes and productivity.
Manage your lifestyle
Self-care practices such as regular exercise, sleep, meditation, and diet can help boost brain function and improve focus. There are plenty of productivity apps out there to help make self-care a little easier.
How to reduce ADHD symptoms with lifestyle
Repeat a short task : Pomodoro
Utilizing the power of short bursts of focused work interspersed with regular breaks can prove to be more effective than extended periods of uninterrupted concentration. One effective technique is utilizing a pomodoro app that allows you to work in 30-40 minute increments, followed by rejuvenating 5-10 minute breaks. By incorporating this strategy, you can optimize your productivity and maintain sustained attention throughout your tasks.
Reward yourself
One way to do this is to set goals in your studies or work and reward yourself whenever you reach them. The reward can be a compliment to yourself or a material reward. Material rewards are temporary, so it's best to use them initially and build up your self-satisfaction over the long term.
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