The origin

The loser has a goal, the winner has a system - Scott Adams
Have you ever thought
about the principle of building a habit?
Most were, probably,
making and checking a habit list.
Most of habit apps are also
focusing on the check list feature.
It's not wrong.
I just thought that
I needed a more primitive approach.
In fact, I made it secretly so there were many incomplete features.
But many improvements have been sent from the world.
I wondered how they knew the app. (I was worried about the need for this)
In fact, I was deeply moved and stimulated.
1 / Many people are working for a leading life 2 / The improvements were very sincere
In the app store ecosystem, Routinery is filled with reviews of thanks and improvements.
I like the idiom 'Birds of feather' (If you laughed, you are the owner of an open mind ^^)
Now I want to make a more useful tool
for people with such good energy.
According to Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg, Contexts are said to surpass willpower.
If you want to get up and drink water,
putting the cup of water next to the bed will make you drink.
By adjusting the specific environment that affects you, you will be acted automatically.
You may have known this
because you are already interested in the routinery.
Maybe the reason for using routinery is
also to designe the environment!
Introduction was long.
In early March 2020,
There was a major update.
There are still
a lot of missing features.
Please send us
a lot of feedback!
Let's make it together :)
Watch your habits, doomed - Margaret Thatcher