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Routinery helps people live better lives with personalized "behavior change environments”
We help people live a better, more sustainable life
Routinery was started more out of personal pain than a grand vision. My life was torn apart by personal failures, and I realized that many people had similar struggles to mine. I just wanted to be of help to them.
We don't fill people's willpower.
We just help them create an environment where behavior naturally changes. When the environment changes, the behavior changes on its own. That's what makes it different from traditional methods like checklists. It's also why our ADHD users are so excited.
We're not a habit-making app.
We make a tool that empowers people to create habits. We use these tools to help humanity grow and evolve. That's why Routinery, born in Korea, is loved by people all over the world. We believe in what we believe in.


”Over 200 countries around the world without any marketing”
January 2020. Beta Launch
March 2020. Offical Launch
May 2020. 100K downloads
December 2020. Raised seed investment (DHP, The Invention Lab)
October 2021. 1 million downloads
November 2022. 2 million downloads
December 2023. 4 million downloads


CEO / Co-founder
Having studied architecture, he sets the standard for good design in Routinery. But his eyes have only gotten higher, and he's an nth-year solo.
He is systems-minded and efficient to the core, so please use the shortcut when requesting a conversation. (Watch out for the smirk)
☕️ Coffee Chat
CTO / Co-founder
She majored in software engineering and has mastered every development language in the book, but she doesn't speak Korean well.
When she's not talking or answering, she's compiling, so don't touch her.
She's been nicknamed an emotionally rich AI.(training data is sorely lacking)
Data Analyst
She's got an M.A. in economics, so she's up to speed on the neologisms of the MZs. (Just don't look at her when she quizzes you, she's proud.)
She can seem methodical and cold when she's analyzing data, but she's a charmer with warm reactions and wacky ideas that make everyone feel good.
Front-end Developer
He's the second-in-command of the development team, with a delicate touch for a big guy.
Like a sloth, there's a slowness to every movement, but as far as development goes, it's silently fast. (but it stops if you look at it)
He's from an athletic university and is good at team play, but he's a bit of a loner.
He was a good listener, which endeared him to everyone, but I didn't think he could pull off a dad gag. (That's why there's a probationary period)
Front-end Developer
Only hope in an all-black development team.
She comes to every planning meeting with sharp insights, but when she loses a game, she gets sharp.
She was briefly homeless due to the end of her lease, but like an activist, she headed to Ikea first.
Growth Marketer
The epitome of what a GPT should be, but he gets stuck on unexpected inputs.
He's driving the product's growth with unbridled enthusiasm, but blind dates just don't work out.
Product Designer
Only hope for organizing a chaotic design system while beating a tight schedule. (Actually the only design team member.)
Her openness to feedback is a talent level, but she's getting burned out on the drive-by craftsmen.
As a reactionary, she dances when she faces good food.


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