Celebrating 2024 from CEO

Hello, my name is Ian, the CEO of Routinery.
How was your 2023?
The Routinery team was really appreciative to the peoples who looked for us. More than 2 million users and more than twice as many subscriptions combined. I believe that it is excessive for a service that is just three years old. But now, I'd want to explain why I made Routinery rather than outputs.
Our mission is to "maintain a better everyday life for many people."
In actuality, Routinery was born out of personal suffering rather than a lofty ideal. After starting my business, I had several failures and my everyday life disintegrated. However, many other people were going through similar struggles as I was and I wanted to help others.
We do not fulfill the will of the people.
It only contributes to the establishment of an environment in which behavior naturally changes. When the environment changes, behavior instinctively adapts to it. This is distinct from conventional tools like checklists. This is also why Routinery's ADHD users are impressed.
We are not a habit-forming app.
It is a tool that enhances the ability to form habits. These tools are used to help mankind evolve and develop. This is why Routinery, which originated in Korea, is adored by people all over the world. We believe in the ideals in which we believe.
Furthermore, we'd like to highlight an event that conveys our appreciation. For new subscribers, we will provide you an extra gift voucher that will be valid for one month in January. Why not give someone you care about a healthy habit?
In 2024, be happier.
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